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His players often had to give him tactical tips before the game. The game was too complicated for many spectators. On August 25, 1912, VfB defeated FV Germania Beiertheim 4-3 in its first competitive game after the merger and thus reached a decisive game for promotion against FC Mühlburg. Ascent not secured. The FV no longer decided the decisive games alone, because the merger with the Krone Club Cannstatt had already been completed before the promotion round games against FV Germania Beiertheim and FC Mühlburg. In the second year, the FV became district champions in a final against their later merger partner, the Kronen-Club Cannstatt, who had the same number of points. In the second Bundesliga year 1964/65 the points account and the rank were improved, but 36:24 points were only enough for third place. Rudi Assauer from SpVgg Herten and Hermann Straschitz from Fortuna Düsseldorf were signed for the midfield, but neither turned out to be a major reinforcement. It looks a little like both teams are consciously heading for extra time, but it could also be a euthanasia tactic on the part of the Rangers. Cromwell had for himself the power of a great contemporary idea, Carl only his own personality, – Cromwell the energy of narrow-mindedness, which belongs to every great political role, he only the courtly sophisticated culture of the old time, – Cromwell the crushing horse power of religious-political fanaticism, he only the arbitrary stubbornness, – Cromwell the persistence, he the wavering calculation of Machiavellian politics, – Cromwell for himself the huge mob, he for himself a handful of gallantry swords, but against him the whole new age and its happiness.

The eyesight also returned after a short time. However, a pagan philosophical school continued to exist in Harran for a long time, and the Alexandrian school existed until the early 7th century. The league consisted of twelve teams until the 2021/22 season. This didn't work, so the team had to compete in the IL class of the newly founded district league in the following 1923/24 season, where VfB immediately became district champions of Cannstatt and thus qualified for the promotion games. In order to qualify for the top division, VfB would have had to finish among the top four clubs in the Württemberg League in the 1922/23 season. It remained VfB's home ground until the opening of today's MHPArena in 1936. Ernst Blum became VfB's first German international in 1928 when he made his debut against Denmark under Reich coach Otto Nerz. Ernst Grimm put together a war committee that kept the club alive even though three quarters of the members were drafted. The team was immediately assigned to the southern German B class, although a C class now also existed. Since the crown club had only limited sporting prospects and FV Stuttgart, which had a good chance of making it to the southern German A-class, had a team with good prospects, those responsible finally came closer.

Thanks to good youth work, VfB was able to build a successful first team in the interwar period, with players like Richard "Molly" Schauffele (later, among others). To this day, a plaque of honor that was unveiled in 1925 honors 90 fallen soldiers from the ranks of VfB. The crown club Cannstatt had its own football field in Stuttgart-Münster, which still exists today. In 1897, former members of this club formed the FC Krone, which was soon commonly called the Kronenclub. The crown club won, but a replay was then arranged, which was lost. In 1923, a new game system was introduced by the Association Council, which envisaged a new Württemberg/Baden district league as the top division. The club leased a field on the Adelsberg from the city, which was known to the FV as a rugby field. The defender signed with Chelsea FC, with whom he achieved promotion to the top English league in 1984. The footballers did not achieve promotion after a defeat in the district championship game against FV Zuffenhausen. If the player has already been deprived of a frame because of his behavior, he must be deprived of the game in the event of a repeat offense. The scheduled referee did not show up for this game, so the association secretary Scivessy agreed to officiate the game. So the sensual direction of art has muted itself in this picture in order to become even more piquant in the beautiful glow of courtly religious ceremonies.

In this playoff for promotion on September 1, 1912 in Karlsruhe-Durlach, VfB won 1-0 against Mühlburg with a decisive header in the last minutes from Copé Wendling. On August 1, 1914, they met for the last time for a friendly game. It wasn't until October 1914 that the club got an eleven together again. For this purpose, they were allowed to join forces with other clubs to form war teams, and so VfB quickly formed a team with FV Die Blauen Elf. To summarize this movement in England, the Boy Scout Association was founded in 1908. Nevertheless, rugby was gradually losing ground to football, at that time rugby football to association football. The 2006/07 League Cup (officially English 2006-07 The Football League Cup) was the 47th edition of the English football league cup competition, which was played in a knockout system. In 1923 Karl-Adolf Deubler became president of the association and held the office until 1931. After President Wilhelm Hinzmann was drafted, the people now in charge, Julius Lintz, who represented Hinzmann as president, and Ernst Grimm, took care of the youth players.

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