Adrián González (footballer, 1988)

Poe arrives.Hal has him fill out the paperwork to get him checked for his hay fever.When Klaus and Sunny use their pseudonym Dr. Faustus is exposed by Esmé, Hal feels deceived by the Baudelaires as the Baudelaires attempt to explain themselves. When Count Olaf, under the pseudonym Mattathias Medicalschool, lights a fire at the Heimlich Hospital and accuses the Baudelaires of setting it on fire, it closes Hal joins the Person of Undetermined Gender and some members of the Volunteers Fighting Disease to pursue them. Before the fire can get worse, Hal managed to make it out alive as he walked past Lemony Snicket during the narration. His part in "The Penultimate Peril" is omitted, although in a newspaper clipping with Mr. In The Wide Window, the person posed as a security guard at "Captain Sham's Sailboat Rentals". The person of unspecified gender is one of Olaf's henchmen who appears in The Bad Beginning, The Wide Window and The Hostile Hospital. She is immensely strong and never speaks except in bellows and roars. Since the person's gender is not supposed to look like a man or a woman, even Count Olaf does not know what the person's gender is. At the time the When Count Olaf's true nature is revealed, the person is one of the members of Count Olaf's theater troupe who escape during the blackout.

He is described as a bald man with a hooked nose who always wears a black robe. At the time when Count Olaf's true nature is revealed, the bald man is among the members of Count Olaf's theater troupe who escape during the blackout. In The Carnivrous Carnival, Esmé cradled her to Count Olaf's side by giving her a large robe that allowed her to mold her body into any shape she desired without people being aware of it. Hugo lives with the Baudelaire children for a short time in The Carnivorous Carnival and appears to bond with Sunny Baudelaire when they make soup together. He later became one of Count Olaf's henchmen when Esmé gave him the great coat that was part of the It was the Hook-Handed Man's porter disguise that hid his hunchback. In The Carnivorous Carnival, the White-Faced Women helped dig the pit for the lions used for lion feeding at the Caligari Carnival. The two White-Faced Women are two members of Olaf's theater troupe who always cover their faces with white powder. They are apparently twins. The White-Faced Women in the video game adaptation are named White-Faced Jen and White-Faced Jane after the actress who portrayed them in the film. Craig Ferguson is portrayed in the film.

The person is described as a gigantic, overweight individual with pure white eyes and an androgynous appearance. In The Carnivorous Carnival, Esmé cradled Kevin to Count Olaf's side by giving him a rope to tie one hand behind his back so he could appear normal. In his first appearance, he gives Mr. Poe permission to let the Baudelaires live at his boarding school, where his security system will detect Count Olaf if he comes near the school. Vice President Nero had them in the orphanage with the swamp children and had Sunny as his administrative assistant. While he idolized student Carmelita Spats, he unknowingly hired Count Olaf as his new gym teacher in the form of coach Genghis. When the Baudelaires were caught "cheating" in the SORE exams, Nero cheerfully expelled the Baudelaires, much to the objections of Nero Mrs. While the Baudelaires live with the Squalors in The Replacement Elevator, Esmé conspires with Count Olaf while still disguised as the auctioneer Gunther. After the "In Auction", where Olaf, in the disguise of Gunther, comes up with a complicated plan to " While conducting the kidnapping of the remaining Quagmire triplets, he drives away with her in his truck. Although the Baudelaires try to warn her about Gunther's true identity, she reveals that not only did she know all along, but that Olaf told her was an acting teacher.

In The Grim Grotto, man united 23/24 kit she claims to be a "tap dancing ballerina fairy princess vet" and gives a concert. Esmé finds this adorable, while Olaf is annoyed by it. She performs at Austere Academy, The Slippery Slope, The Grim Grotto and The Penultimate Peril. Jerome returns in The Penultimate Peril. In The Penultimate Peril, Colette was present at the Hotel Denouement, posing as a chemist in a long white coat and a surgical mask at the Hotel Denouement, outside the sauna, when Frank or Ernest Denouement suggested taking Sir and Charles to room 547, in which organic chemistry.During the blindfolded trial, Colette submitted some drawings as evidence.When the Hotel Denouement began to burn, Hugo, Colette and Kevin were last seen holding the bird paper that Klaus had left on the outside of the sauna had hung.Colette talks about tearing the feathers from some crows.It is uncertain whether Colette survived the fire at the Hotel Denouement. Having never met Poe, he met the Baudelaire children when they were brought to him by Charles, who found them near the Lucky Smells Lumbermill. When the Baudelaire children break Georgina Orwell's hypnosis against the workers, Sir flees during the chaos employees.His role in The Penultimate Peril was omitted.

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