Vintage Drums, Catalogs, and Accessories

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Vintage Drums, Accessories, Books, and Drum Catalogs have been an interest in mine for many years. I hope you enjoy some of the drums and catalogs, I have been collecting.

Slingerland Drum Catalog, Dated October 1, 1953. Catalog # 54, 32 pages. Nice early drumsets. Gene Krupa, ace drummer on cover.

Ludwig 24" Classic Bass Drum. Keystone badge, WMP, Original Calf heads.

Ludwig 13" Classic Tom Tom, Keystone badge, WMP, original calf heads.

Gretsch 10 X 14 parade snare

Slingerland Drum Catalog #68. Gene Krupa on cover. Dated 1967

Buddy Rich, Banner, 1960's Zildjian Cymbal Co.

Worlds Fair 1964, From the African Pavilian. Zebra skin head, with lion mane along sides, carved from a tree.

Conga drum from the island of Haiti, 1945. Nice carved shell of a Palm tree.

Ludwig 12 X 15 parade drum

Gretsch 12 X 15 Parade Drum, Mahogany shell, 1960's.

Slingerland 12X15 parade drum, '70,s

Ludwig & Ludwig Snare Drum.

CC Snare Drum, built by Charles Cordes, 1960's.

Louie Bellson Signed, Snare Drum, built by Remo, 1960's.Signed inside by Louie Bellson, with original Case number 278/1000

Louie Bellson Signed, Snare Drum, built by Remo, 1960's.Signed inside by Louie Bellson, with original Case. number 278/1000

Colonial Rope Tention Drum

Elementary Dance Drumming, by Ludwig Drum Co.16 pages, from the 1930's, has a nice picture of Wm. F Ludwig behind, his set of Ludwigs, inside front cover.

Gene Krupa 1938 Drum Method.96 pages, full of pictures of Gene, His Rudiment, and set studies.Last part of book deals with his actual transcriptions when he played with Benny Goodman. Some of the tunes are Stompin' at the Savoy, Tiger Rag, China Boy, and the ever popular Sing, Sing, sing in two parts.

RARE book on Dixieland Drumming, by Ray Bauduc, famous Dixieland Drummer with Bob Crosby. Book was published by Ludwig Drum Co. in 1937,36 pages, Book details Ray's Biography, and his technique, plus syncopated exercises, with hints for the drummer. Great Pictures.

Book on 150 progressive DRUM RHYTHMS, by Ray Bauduc, famous Dixieland Drummer with Bob Crosby.16 pages, of drum rudiments, and examples of modern dance rhythms,written in 1940

1964 Rogers Catolog, Buddy Rich and Louie Bellson Drumsets.

George Wettling Snare Drum Book.

Gretsch Drum Catalog, 1939, tribute to Billy Gladstone, pictures of many famous drummers of the times, also contains mallet intruments, and drum corps equipment, also of the times. Great Pictures.

WFL Drums, Ludwigs 1949 catalog, with Buddy Rich's Super Classic drum set ($357.50 price) Great Pictures.

WFL Drums, Great Pictures.

Cozy Cole modern orchestra Drum Technique, 1941 , 32 pages, of snare drum rudiments, exercises, Solos, and Songs, Nice picture of Cozy inside.

Drum technique in the Band and Orchestra. 44 pages,Rudiments, holding sticks, proper drumsticks to use,Marching band and concert band drummer,Use of Tympani,Mallet instruments, and more. By Ludwig & Ludwing Copyright 1936.

Complete Life Story & 62 Thrilling Pictures of GENE KRUPA.Also contains full list of 392 of Gene,s Recordings. Great rescoure book about Gene. Copyright 1945.

Gene Krupa The Science of Drumming. 48 Pages, of Gene's, basics of Music, Rudiments, Studies, Solos,and Dance & Professional notation.Copyright 1946.

Drummers Digest, Vol. 1 No.1, Newspaper format, 8 pages, Contains Pictures and stories, By Ludwig Drum Co. Copyright 1940.

Edward B. Straight's Modern Syncopated Rhytms for Drums, Copyright 1922, 54 exercises, with accents, rudiments, rolls and more, all in syncopated format.

More Vintage snare drums for drum set,Ludwig&Ludwig,Slingerland, Drum catalogs, and accessories coming soon!

I wish to thank Eric Brant, Vintage drum specialist, for helping me with my vintage page.

Any further information, about any of the items, please feel free to email me @

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