This lesson should simplify counting all type of notated Triplets, from Quarter notes to Sixteenth notes.

We will start with basic Eight notes first.

Each group of three notes, connected by a beam is called a triplet. The number three over the note, indicates this. Each triplet is equal to one beat. There are four beats in each measure.The counting for the triplets is,one-trip-let,two-trip-let,three-trip-let,four-trip-let.(SEE EXAMPLE 2)

Practice all triplets on one hand, then on other hand, then alternate hands

Next will be the Quarter note triplet. This takes the place of two beats. Then two quarter note triplets, will take the place of 4 beats, or one measure.(EXAMPLE 3)

One quarter note is equal to 2 eight notes. There are 12 eights in one measure, and 6 quarter notes. The count for quarter note triplets, is the same as for Eight note triplets. See (EXAMPLE 4)

PRACTICE TIP for(EXAMPLE 5)Left hand plays Eights, Right Hand plays Quarter note triplets. Count out loud: One-trip-let, two-trip-let, Three-trip-let, Four-trip-let

SIXTEENTH NOTE TRIPLETS: Six sixteenth's are equal to one quarter note.The count for the first six notes is:One-Trip-Let-And-Trip-Let. This is the first beat, and quarter note.(Example 6)

When grouping 2 sets of triplets, a 6 may be placed over the group. See example 6 and 7.

Tap foot to each beat, keep triplets even. That is fit each group to beat.(see example 7)

Short groups of sixteenths and eight notes, are called four stroke ruffs. They are counted One-Trip-Let-And etc.(see example 8)

Example 9 shows four stroke ruffs on the Off Beat.

The last example shows both eight note triplets, and sixteenth note triplets.

Here is a Study using Triplets, Four Stroke Ruffs, 10 Stroke Ruffs, and Seven Stroke Ruffs.

Hope you have fun counting triplets.Will have some Hand Studies, to develope technique, using triplets, soon.

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