Here is the inside of the OLD studio. It was Located in Naugatuck, Connecticut. At 193 Rubber Avenue. Its been at this location for 25 years. The new studio is located at 1886 Watertown Ave. Oakville,Conn.06779

Most teaching and playing is done on practice pads. Students First learn to read Drum Music, from a variety of books. Books are, selected by each students abilities, and background. Next, technique is developed thru various excercises, rudiments and hand studies.

Here is some pictures, accumulated over the years. Various drummers, from all types of drumming. Military, Classical, Big Band, Show drummers and even Groups.

Here is Bill's, Pearl set, used for teaching. Playing to records,tapes,and CD's is one teaching aide. Helps to give hands on experience. Soloing, and reading charts' big band, and small group. Bill also teaches Show drumming, using various charts from shows as, West Side Story, Fiddler on the Roof, and Man of LaMancha, just to mention a few.

Various sticks, brushes, mallets, drumheads, are always on hand.The inventory covers Trueline, Pro-mark, Vic Firth, and 5 & 13 Oz.metal practice sticks Bill, uses in his teaching to further develope the Drummers technique.

Various Percussion is taught at the studio. Here is a set of Ludwig fiberglass tympani. Most students in school bands require learning tymps, to become all-around percussionists.

Here is a set of Jenco Vibes, also used in teaching Bill feels that the learning of some type of melody instrument, helps to further develop the drummers skills.

Hours at the studio are Monday -Friday 3:00 pm to ???, Stop in and see us some time or call 1-(203)-756-DRUM(3786)

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