Rudimental Drum Books


The following books are very helpful for the Rudimental drummers Library. Improving technique, and adding helpful and creative ideas."Remember your hands can't think, you must get the ideas by reading and studying." I personally use these books in my teaching, and have had good luck with them. The books are not in any specific order, you can pick and choose your area of developement.For more information you can contact me (see below)

ROLLS ROLLS ROLLS........a Joel Rothman book, dealing with all types of rolls. Open double stroke rolls, 5's, thru 17's, press rolls, and syncopated rolls.Cut time, 4/4, 2/4 and 6/8 time signatures. Solves the problem, in understanding different type rolls. Fifty pages. price $14.95*****

STURTZE DRUM Earl Sturtze: Book deals with all 26 standard American drum rudiments. A study on how to run them down, from open close to open. Plus, back sticking, traditional drum solos(Connecticut Halftime, Downfall of Paris, Three Camps, Army 2/4, etc.), street beats, etc. 178 pages, could be used as a self instructor. price $25.00*****

15 DIVERSIONS for the SNARE Les Parks: Book has snare solo's containing standard, as well as Swiss rudiments, and variations. I beleive Les was instructor for the Hawthorne Caballeros and Garfield Cadets, when he wrote this book. Intermediate to Advanced, a must for the rudimental drummer! FIVE STARS*****(Unavailable at present time) Sam Ulano: Book deals with reading right hand over left hand. Very different, has many rudimental and odd figures. A good book to develope technique,72 pages. price $8.00*****out of stock at present

30 DRUM SOLO' Bill Rotella: Book deals with rudimental style solo's in a progressive format. Simple to Difficult. A beginner can start with the book, and progress to more difficult as he learns more Rudiments, and improves on his reading skills. price $5.95****

SWISS Bill Rotella: Booklet deals with the 13 Swiss Drum Rudiments. The Swiss Army Triplet, The Flammed Rolls, the Patta Fla-Fla, Bergen Lesson #25, and Diddly Diddles to name a few. Also has combinations and short solos.price $2.00

FLAMS, RUFFS & ROLLS for Snare Drum by John Beck: Book contains 32 pages, of Rolls, tied and untied, Flams, Ruffs(three strokes), Ruffs(four strokes), plus 4 pages of Etudes.

DAILY ROLL work-outs, by Louis Bellson:Book contains, Single and Long Rolls exercises. Open and Closed roll studies. 14 pages, Good study book.(Unavailable at present time)

RUDIMENTS and SOLOS, by Gary Rosensweig: Book contains 68 pages, loaded with Rudiment pages, Reading and Solos. Great idea!Book.price $12.95

150 DRUM SOLO'S by Charlie Wilcox. Great book put out by Ludwig Drum Company, Contains tons of solos, at end of book each solo contains all the rudiments in one solo. Great technique challange price $14.95..out of stock, at present

ROLLING IN RHYTHM by Charlie Wilcox. Great book put out by Ludwig Drum Company, Contains 64 pages dealing with all types of rolls, in standard and triplet format.Each page is a seperate, solo idea for each roll. Great technique challange..price ..$14.95.out of stock,presently

BASIC DRUM TECHNIQUE AND BEYOND by Joel Rothman,130 pages, dealing with stick control, left hand control, rudiment studies, accent studies, all kinds of diddle exercises,plus odd time and artificial technique. A must book!..price..$19.95

14 MODERN CONTEST SOLOS by John S. Pratt,contains 14 interesting and challenging solos. Some syncopated and over the bar line patterns, Great technique challange..price ..$9.95..out of stock at present

Ludwig Solo Book, Collection of Drum Solos.price.. $10.95

ACCENTS AND REBOUNDS by George Lawrence Stone.48 pages,contains hundreds of 8 measures phrased patterns, using triplets, accents, rolls, both open and buzz. Book is dedicated to Joe Morello. price..$9.95

Any information pertaining to these study books, as Price,How to order. email me,or call 1(203)756-DRUM(3786)