Drum Tuning Key

CC Drum Key.Contains, regular key, Slotted key, Screw Driver, and Wing nut Tightener(small size).......Price $9.50

Bill Rotella's 30 Drum Solos

30 Drum Solos. Solos set up progressive from easy to difficult. Rudimental style, using many American and Swiss style Rudiments. (32 pages)......Price $8.00

Bill Rotella's Any Time Swings

Any Time Swings.A book designed to teach, various time signatures. How to create them, in many different styles. Includes Rock, Jazz, Swing and more.(32 pages)..........Price $5.95

Bill Rotella's Inclusion

Inclusion..Snare drum solo,includes all 26 American drum rudiments in one solo. A real challange..........Price $1.50

Bill Rotella's Double Drums

Double Drums..Duets for Drummers,with duets in Rock, Latin, Odd times, and Jazz. Two drummers, Teacher and Student. 30 pages, 14 duets!!.............Price $8.50

Bill Rotella's Marching Rudimental Bass Drum Manual

Marching Rudimental Bass Drum Manual,contains basic reading ,Rhythm Patterns, Exercises, Basic Rudiments required,Snare and Bass Solo, and Bass solo. Book designed for Rudimental Ancient ,or School Bass drumming, can be used as a self instructor. 24 pages, ......Price $8.00

Bill Rotella's Time Machine

Difficult solo using various time signatures, 6/4, 3/4, 4/4, 2/4 and 1/4.(2 pages)......Price $2.00

Bill Rotella's Rudimental Fantasy

Difficult solo, contains many rudiments, in syncopation.......Price $1.00

Bill Rotella's Mark Time

5 Marching cadences, Snare ,Tenor, and Bass. Contains paradiddles, rolls and flam rudiments(2 pages)..........Price $2.00

Bill Rotella's Lou's Rudimenter Too!

Difficult solo, written by Lou Schlapfer, contains 32 rudiments, American and Swiss.(3 pages).......Price $3.50

Bill Rotella's Back To Basel!

Drum Quartet.Dedicated to the Swiss Regimentals of Basel, Switzerland. Contains Swiss, Latin, & American Rudiments.(8 pages)...... price $10.00

Bill Rotella's Charlie's Horse

Difficult solo Contains 20 rudiments, syncopation, and many accents, syncopated.......Price $1.00

Bill Rotella's Swiss Movement

Swiss Movement, contains 9 swiss style rudiments, including Swiss Army Triplet, Diddly Diddles, Windmill strokes, and Bergen lesson #25. Also includes application and combinations of the various rudiments, (3 pages).........Price $3.00

Bill Rotella's Metal Drumsticks

Drumsticks, made of solid Aluminum,rubber sleeve cover, 5 oz each stick, for practice pad only. For Warm Up, and developing the hands....Price $49.95

Drumsticks, made of solid Brass,rubber sleeve cover, 13 oz each stick, for practice pad only. For Warm Up, and developing the hands.........Price $59.95..

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