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Only the cylinder head gaskets had to be reinforced

The games took place between December 2nd and 5th; the replays were played on December 13th, 20th and 21st, 2016. The simmering conflicts between the Sodality management and the young athletes finally culminated in the founding of Borussia. A famous photograph from this period shows the young Bremner in 1966 after a foul on Scottish midfielder Dave Mackay, who grabbed him by the collar while Bremner claimed his innocence. It is also considered a mistake if the server throws the ball up but then misses it with the racket or even catches it again. At the end of the story it is said that this is what it would look like in reality if you didn't have enough lifeboats on board. As a result, the city's already difficult financial situation deteriorated even further at the end of the century. The falling income was offset by high costs, because at the beginning of the century the city fortifications were built over the course of 30 years. The deciding factor was the argument that, like other Bavarian country towns that were prosperous at the beginning of the modern era, an economic boom for Regensburg could only be achieved with Bavarian support.

From the late Middle Ages onwards, other cities benefited from this, such as Augsburg, Vienna and Nuremberg, which recorded economic growth and – unlike Regensburg – increasing population numbers. In the city, which at that time was still one of the largest cities in the empire and had around 20,000 inhabitants, a wealthy middle class of around 2,000 people emerged who played a political role. The internal unrest in the city escalated in 1511 when Emperor Maximilian I appointed the Franconian nobleman Thomas Fuchs von Wallburg as the new imperial captain for Regensburg. However, the ever-increasing blockade actions of the Bavarian dukes and their increasing harassment of the city's merchants and traders had an even more serious impact on the city's economic situation. This led to a revolt among the guilds in August 1485, with the population's anger directed against the emperor. In the case of the Free Imperial City of Regensburg, the efforts were initially unsuccessful, so the emperor had to threaten the city with imperial ban in 1483 in order to receive 6,000 guilders. With the support of their Prime Minister, Victoria's first year of government was successful, but Melbourne's good offices only lasted as long as its government remained stable.

After Christian Day, Emperor Friedrich III tried. In 1471 the event took place in Regensburg in the presence of Emperor Friedrich III. As early as November 10, 1245, the citizens of Regensburg achieved that Emperor Friedrich II. In Regensburg, the uprisings took on very special proportions because the city of Regensburg, which had been unsettled and weakened by the Auer uprising, was attacked by an army of Emperor Ludwig IV in 1337. ↑ Player of the game. In 2005 he was inducted into the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame in the player category. In addition, he won with the team in the European Cup Winners' Cup in the same year and although he was not involved in the 3-1 final win against Rapid Vienna, he was used more often in the previous rounds – his contribution to the 3: 1 success in the semi-final second leg against FC Bayern Munich. As a result, the cup winners from San Marino and Malta advanced to the 2nd qualifying round. During the 1983/84 season, the 20-year-old defender was seriously injured and as a result missed the entire subsequent season.

The reliable defender started the final round of the first-class league on matchday five, September 16, 1962, with a 3-0 home win against FC Schweinfurt 05. When the league era ended, on April 28, 1963, it was matchday 30 Instead, the man from Sendlingen also played in the 2-0 away win at FC Bayern Hof. On the last matchday (June 5, 2004), Dresden lost 1-0 in front of 12,000 traveling fans at KFC Uerdingen 05, but promotion was still achieved. The following season ended disastrously in last place in the table. For the 2005/06 season he was only considered a reserve player and he had to give up his shirt number 15 to the then new signing Peter Crouch. In 1981/82 he increased his goal tally to sixteen league goals, but only finished the season with Stoke in eighteenth place in the table. As hosts, France, which was hosting this tournament for the second time since 1938, automatically qualified for the finals. What was remarkable, however, was that when Barcelona's Diego Maradona scored his second goal with a lob in front of around 100,000 spectators in the "Marakana", the Belgrade crowd was so enthusiastic about the goal that even the loyal Belgrade fans applauded Maradona, something that was completely unimaginable up to that point.

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