JIM CHAPIN Drum Master Award

Jim in action playing with band at the Drum Master Award ceremony.

On Sunday Apr. 27, 1997, the 4th Drum Master award was held at the Red Blazer Too in New York City. Honoring Jim Chapin respected Author, Teacher and Performer, celebrating over 60 years in the Music industry.

Jim receiving award, designed and made by Sabian Cymbals. Left to right, Bill Rotella, Glenn Weber, John Sarracco, Jim Chapin, Russ Moy, and Sam Ulano, reading award inscription

The events that took place, before the ceremony brought out many guests, friends and drummers, to congradulate Jim, on his achiecements.

John Sarracco plays with band

John a fine drummer and teacher from Staten Island, plays Duke Ellington's "Take the A train"

Many drummers sat in with the band, Glenn Weber from New Jersey, Russ Moy also, from New Jersey, plus many others, giving there tribute to on of the Drum industry Giants, Jim Chapin

Bill Rotella playing with L to R, Doc Palu(trumpet),Dick Brady(Trombone), and Leonard Gaskin(Bass).

At close of ceremony, door prizes were given out. Drum Workshop Bass peadal, Sabian Cymbal, Slug Drum products, Drum sticks, books, and catalogs from many drum companies

Congradulations to Jim Chapin, best wishes and the best from all of us!

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