Saturday, September 19th, 1992

Presented to: ED SHAUGHNESSY

Ed is Honored on this day, as being one of the most outstanding drummers of the past thirty years. Ed was featured drummer on the Johnny Carson "TO NITE SHOW" playing with the Doc Serverinson Band. Besides playing on the show, he is a teacher, did numerous seminars, and helped drummers throughout the world, to expand their knowledge of drumming.

Their have been many Artists, who have contributed to the advancement of other drummers. This Drum Master Award, will recongnize those Artists, in future Award Events.

Ed has showed his Professionalism, and talent on the "Tonite"show, by being at all the rehearsals, performances, and playing the various acts, that needed his support as a drummer, and his never tiring desire to be at his best. All who have seen Ed on the Tonight show can attest of this. Congradulations to: ED SHAUGHNESSY..........

Sam Ulano, founder of the Drum Master Award, presents Award to Ed Shaughnessy

The events that took place during the next few hours was, exciting to say the least. With 6 Drummers, and a couple of Drum sets, their was a lot of drumming going on. Sam Ulano sits in with Band, to open up festivities. Introduces Ed, and all other drummers. There was Glenn Weber, and Russ Moy from New Jersey, both teachers, and artists. John Sarracco, from Staten Island, also a Teacher and Artist. Bill Rotella from Connecticut, also Artist and Teacher. Every one sat in and playrd with the band, did a little drum solo and talked briefly about drumming, entertaining the 100 or so in audience, and paying tribute to Ed.

After that part of show, all drummers played what is called a "Round Robin", where 5 or 6 drummers, get around two drumsets, and do some soling. Three on one set, and three on the other. First drummer, starts a one measure solo, the next drummer on other set does same, and on and on. The next time you get back to start, a two measure solo gets started. Then a four measure solo. Any way you get the idea. There was a lot of drumming going on.

Ed Shaughnessy, plays next, demonstrating some of his technique, and stories, interesting to all. He also demonstrates, his hand playing on set, using East Indian style notation. Then closes with a long drum solo.

Left to right Sam Ulano,Bill Rotella, Russ Moy, EDD SHAUGHNESSY, Glenn Weber, and John Sarracco.

Sam asking how certain rudiments, sound on drumset? Bill Rotella, demonstrating different rudiments, and how they are applied and sound on the set.

Bill Rotella, involved in"Round Robin", Glenn Weber in back, ready to jump in for his solo

Bill demonstrates, snare drum soloing on parade Drums. Also, makeup of Colonial Snare Drum, type used during Colonial days.

At closing of Ceremony and Show, numerous door prizes were given out. All prizes were donated by Sabian Cymbals, Ludwig Drums,Sam Ulano, and Bill Rotella.

See you at the next Drum Master Award

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