"St. Peter's Drumline"

Pictures of Drummers, events, Concerts, Parades, and Drum Stuff

Yearly concert at Coe Park in Torrington, Ct. June ,24, 1997. Featuring drummers and students, playing the "Three Camps". Pictures Left to Right: Bill Rotella, Carl Wivagg, Tom Quattro, Tony Saccovino, and Earl Reilly.

Memorial Day parade 2001,in Hartford, Conn. Brandon Wilcox,Domenic Fervoleto, Tony Saccovino, and Dick Carbonell. Warming up before Parade.

Rehearsal at East Albert St. Recreation center, Torrington. Tony Saccovino, Domenic Fervoleto, Bill Rotella, Jim Rotella, and Brandon Wilcox.

Bass section at practice. Tuesday evening, East Albert St. Recreation Center. John Patanode, Everett Jacobs, Carole Rotella, and Rich Tomlinson.

Hudson Valley Championships, on stand. Bill Rotella, Brandon Wilcox, Tony Saccovino,Domenic Fervoleto,and Dick Carbonell. Brenda Cremens, on Glockenspiel. May 2001. We Won!

Bill Rotella, Tony Saccovino, Jim Rotella, And Brandon Wilcox, working on a drum quartet.

Hudson Valley Championships, in Bethel, Conn. May 2001. Everett Jacobs, Tony Saccovino Sr. and Carole Rotella

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