The Drum Master Award

Given to the Drummer who has contributed to the advancement of Drumming and Percussion

This award was originally started by SAM ULANO, noted Teacher, Clinician, Author, and Artist

Besides SAM ULANO, many teachers and Clinicians, have also taken part in these Drum Master award events.

Left to right,John Sarracco, Bill Rotella, Sam Ulano, Glenn Weber, and Russ Moy

Sam Ulano.. Teacher, Author, Clinician and Artist

Sam is from New York City

Bill Rotella.. Teacher, Author, Clinician and Artist

Bill is from Waterbury, Connecticut

Russ Moy.. Teacher, Author, Clinician and Artist

Russ is from Elizabeth, New Jersey

John Sarracco.. Teacher, Clinician, and Artist

John is from Staten Island, New York

Glenn Weber..Teacher, Clinician and Artist

Glenn is from West Orange, New Jersey

Many Drum and Cymbal Companies have also contributed to make these DRUM MASTER events a success

Sabian Cymbals, Mainline Drumsticks, Sonor Drums, and Drum Workshop, Slug Drum Products

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