Dan English Trophy

1932 to 1988

presented by the Landcraft Drum Corps, to the winner of Individual Snare Drumming Senior Class

Dan English Trophy Winners

Photo taken 11-29-1990

L to R Front:Art Gomperts(son of James Gomperts,1st winner of Trophy)Bob Redican, Howard Kenealy, Hugh Quigley, Tom Grandel, Daniel Toscano.

Rear: Eldric Arsenault(brother of Frank Arsenault,Nat Marks, Jack Tencza, Bill Rotella, Cliff Barrows, Brad Fairchild, James Clark, Paul Cormier, and Stan Trybus(family member of Sigmund Trybus)

NOTE:Dan English Trophy, center of Draped table

Bill Rotella receiving his certificate from Hugh Quigley

Dan English Trophy was retired to Landcraft Hall in 1988, after winner of that year.

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