ST. PETER'S DRUM CORPS, Torrington, Ct. open http://stpetersdrumcorps.com/

COMPANY OF FIFERS and DRUMMERS (Great Historical Resource) open http://companyoffifeanddrum.org

COOPERMAN DRUMS(Master Craftsman, for Ancient Instruments) open http://www.cooperman.com/

LANCRAFT FIFE & DRUM CORPS open http://www.lancraftfd.com

BE A FIFER/ED BOYLE( Very interesting site, for Ancient Drum Corps) open http://www.beafifer.com

RICK BECKMAN RUDIMENTAL DRUMMING(open forum on Rudimental drumming, AND MORE!) open http://www.rudimentaldrumming.com

NOT SO MODERN DRUMMER(Vintage and Rare Drums, Magazine, by William Ludwig III) open http://www.notsomoderndrummer.com

NEW FORMED RHINE RIVER REBELS DRUM CORPS/Basel Switzerland open http://www.rhineriverrebels.com


DRUMMING CIRCLE WEB PAGE open http://www.drummingcircle.com

DRUMMING ABOUT YOU WEB PAGE( Bob Bloom's interactive hand drumming) open http://www.drumming-about-you.com/

WORLD WIDE DRUMMERS WEB LINK:(Find Your Favorite Drummer) {The Drummers home on the internet} open http://www.drumweb.com

SABIAN CYMBALS open http://www.sabian.com

LUDWIG DRUM COMPANY open http://www.ludwigdrums.com/

SLUG DRUM ACCESSORIES open http://www.slugdrums.com

PERCUSSIVE ARTS SOCIETY open http://www.pas.org

PEARL DRUMS open http://www/pearldrum.com

REMO (Drumheads & Acessories) open http://www.remo.com

ZILDJIAN CYMBALS open http://www.zildjian.com

DRUM WORKSHOP open http://www.dwdrums.com/

GRETSCH DRUMS open http://www.gretsch.com/

REGAL TIP DRUMSTICKS open http://www.regaltip.com

TRUELINE DRUMSTICKS open http://www.trueline.com

VINTAGE DRUM CENTER(Free Newsletter) open http://www.vintagedrum.com

GARY R PRODUCTIONS(Method Books) open http://www.grdrums.com

GROVER PERCUSSION PRODUCTS(Great Percussion Stuff) open http:www.groverpro.com

PRO MARK DRUM COMPANY open http://www.promark-stix.com

TAMA DRUMS open http://www.tama.com

VIC FIRTH open http://www.vicfirth.com

ROB-THE-DRUMMER(Great Rescorce page for Drummers) open http://www.rob-the-drummer.com/

DRUMPLACE PRODUCTS open http:www.drumplace.com

DONN BENNETTS PAGE( VINTAGE DRUMS, DRUM LESSONS and more) open http:www.bennettdrums.com

SMG Publications( Home of Drumstick Spinology) open http:www.drstix.com

RAY HAULEY'S PAGE(Interesting Ancient Music Items, and Funtion Dates) open http:www.HauleyMusic.com

Friends of Bill

TIGER BILL MELIGARI(Advice, Products, Resources, & Talk about Drums & Percussion) open http://www.tigerbill.com

ALEXANDRE ALEXANDROV(Jim Chapins Page) open http://www.geocities.com/jim_chapin/

SAM ULANO DRUM STUDIO open http://www.samulanodrums.com

SOMERS MUSIC PUBLICATIONS/MICHAEL LAROSA(Teacher,Drummer,Artist) open http://www.somersmusic.com

DAVE DORAN(Teacher, Drummer and Artist) open http://www.drums4life.com

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