"Blast from the Past"

Pictures of Drummers, events, Clinics, Artists, Students, and Drum Stuff

Bill at Sam Ulano's Studio. 1965, on 42nd Street NYC, warming up.

Russ Moy and Myself, at his clinic, in New Jersey, featuring Ed Shaughnessy.

Bill, Charlie Cordes, and Russ Moy, at a New York Drum Clinic, in the 60's.

Bill, Jo Jones, Sam Ulano, and Russ Moy, at a New York Drum Clinic, in the 70's.

Rudimental Drummers, Dave Parducci, and Vic Kulinski, at drum clinic in 1968.

Famous Rudimental Drum Judges, Earl Sturtze and Bob Redigan, at drum clinic hald at Bill,s Studio in 1968

Bills Studio "Percussion Jamboree" Held in Waterbury, in 1972 ...Photo of L.R....Russ Moy, Leroy Anderson, Bill Rotella, Sam Ulano.

Bill's Drum Clinic held in Waterbury, in 1975. Picture L.R. Henry Bagley(piano)Sam Ulano(Author, Teacher and Clinician),Fred Pascucci(Guitar),Joe Sauchelli(President of Local Musicians #186),Michael Trentalange(Saxaphone), and Bill Rotella

Bill and Drummer Dave Woonsey at PAS show, 2002

Drummer "Zorro and Bill at PAS show in 2002

Dave Smith, Percussion instructor at Central Connecticut College, with Bill at PAS show in 2002

"Hip Pickles" Snare drummer Chet Doboe, and Bill at PAS show 2002.

Old Timers nite at Landcraft Hall May 2003, L.to R. Jack Tenza, Woody Sheades, Jim Dugan, Jay Smith, Bill Rotella, and Jack Leary.

Bill teaching Westbury Drum Corps from Watertown, Ct. in the 70's. Left to Right Cymbals: Jay Whitehill, Double Tenor: Kurt Mussa, Quads: Tim Hammel, Bass: John Thompson, Snares: Domenic Falcone, Alan Whitehill, Kevin Hammel, and Steve StMary.

Conn. Vagabonds Drumline,Torrington, Ct. in the 60's. Left to Right-Johnnie Maneilla, Earl Groton, Sam Glasteder, Gary Tazzara, Mark Brownell, Brian Miller and Desi Recidivi.

Ct. Vagabonds, Drum Quartet,Torrington Ct. in the 60's. Left to Right Bass-Joe Martinati, Snares Mark Brownell and Brian Miller, Triples-Randy Wheller.

Dana Adams,at Bill,s Studio in the 60's, Played with Prospect Drum Corps, was Conn, Mass, State and NorthEastern State, Female Snare Drum Champion

Snare Drummers with Prospect Drum Corps, back in the 70's. Left to Right: Bill Rotella and Snare Drummers- Mark Huggins, Gary Chiarella, and Bob Shaff Jr.Performing at Torrington Contest.

Old Timers Nite, at Lancraft Hall April 25, 2002. Left to right Jack Tenza, Bill Rotella, and Bill LaPorte.

Old Timers nite at Landcraft Hall May 2004, L.to R. Jack Tenza,Marie Hickey,& Bill Rotella.

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