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On May 20, 2010 it was announced that previous coach Avram Grant would be leaving the club. As early as 1890 the club moved on to the neighboring Invicta Ground before returning to the Manor Ground three more years later. His long-time teammate Jupp Heynckes, as coach, brought the veteran back to Mönchengladbach for two years in 1980 and Kleff made a further 34 appearances in the 1981/82 season. Conflict between traditional and progressive scouts, as many associations also became politically involved, inspired by the change in social values ​​towards the end of the 1960s. In Germany, these film images are almost always accompanied by the radio commentary from Herbert Zimmermann, who long before the final thought about how the game could be formulated in the event of another impending defeat against Hungary. Due to later political developments, this could not be implemented. So are e.g. b. The maximum possible value changes for young people and new players are higher because faster developments in playing strength or still uncertain initial TTR values ​​are expected. There are serious legal considerations that suggest that a sports club cannot be forced by its league to participate in a joint marketing of television rights – and certainly not to participate in the particularly controversial central production of image and sound signals. The so-called Bündische Jugend with a large number of scout, hiking bird and boyhood associations came into being.

We welcome the appointment of Baldur von Schirach as 'Youth Leader of the German Reich' made by Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler, as well as the efforts to reorganize youth education in the new Germany according to uniform principles, because this is the only way we can be guaranteed education for the new view of humanity nationally conscious, socialist community people seem to exist within all classes of youth. After the so-called seizure of power, the interdenominational scout associations in Germany were dissolved in 1933 and 1934 and their members were transferred to the Hitler Youth. The Reich Association of German Scouts was banned on May 26, 1934. From 1913 it was called the Association of German Girl Scouts. The Greater German Scout Association, the Altwandervogel, German Jungeschaft and the Wandervogel, German Youth Association merged in the same year to form the Association of Wandervogel and Scouts (BdWuP); After other leagues were joined, it changed its name to Deutsche Freischar (DF) in 1927. Visitors receive an entry ticket with the name of a passenger whose fate they are following. During the Second World War, the same fate befell the scout associations in the countries occupied by the German Reich. In 1910, a delegation from the Evangelical Young Men's Association traveled to England to, among other things, get to know the Boy Scout movement. In 1908, Alexander Lion got to know the scout movement on a trip to England. Nevertheless, after the first phase of development, the scout movement in the Federal Republic of Germany became increasingly fragmented again, initially due to the conflict between scouts and

Leaders who were active during the First World War and did not want to give up their positions. During the First World War, most scout leaders were drafted into the military. The first German Girl Scout groups emerged in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Darmstadt, new liverpool kit 23/24 Berlin and Metz. In 1896 the first group of migratory birds emerged in Berlin. In 1911, the German Scout Association was founded in Berlin as the first German scout organization. While in most countries until the Second World War the scout associations developed evenly on the basis of Scouting for Boys and closely based on the English training system, German scouting (and to a lesser extent Austrian scouting) thrived through contact with the Wandervogel movement a special path: the scout associations became part of the youth movement, they merged the forms of English Scoutism with those of Wandervogel. After the Second World War, scout associations were rebuilt in all countries. The scout associations almost always joined together to form umbrella organizations or general organizations in order to enable all scouts to become members of the world associations World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) and World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

In the last third of the 20th century, most Girl Scout and Boy Scout associations opened up to the opposite sex or merged with similarly oriented groups to form co-educational associations. In Italy, the Ostrogothic Theodoric the Great continued to run his empire according to the Roman model, but the Ostrogothic empire disappeared around the middle of the 6th century as a result of the Restauratio imperii initiated by Justinian I (see Gothic War). After almost three months, the Greater German Federation was dissolved by the "Youth Leader of the German Reich" Baldur von Schirach. In 1931, schoolgirls in Saarbrücken founded the Association of Catholic Girl Scouts. In 1933, after the seizure of power, various scout and hiking bird associations were formed, including the DPB and the DF, to form the Greater German Federation. Sandler therefore sent Dry to her own managers and recommended Green to them. They were largely inspired by the West German associations or were based on them. At that time, such a large reception room was only available on the Olympic.

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